Crunchyroll Dark Mode

is now available on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox

How to Get Dark Mode on Crunchyroll

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Do you still need to learn about the Crunchyroll streaming platform that offers you to watch your favorite shows with your brats worldwide? Then, go through the downward information once it is necessary. Apart from basic streaming, on the Crunchyroll platform, you can enjoy watching Anime, Dorama, and Manga in the Crunchyroll dark mode as well. It is undeniable that streaming your favorite and latest Anime series, Naruto, Boruto, Jujutsu Kaisen, and Fire force, in the Crunchyroll dark mode will intensify your streaming experience. 

Moreover, using the dark mode, Crunchyroll will never disappoint you as it has HD quality, power saving, and a lot more features. From a health perspective, streaming in Crunchyroll dark mode doesn’t bother your eyesight from the harmful screen light radiations. That’s how dark mode Crunchyroll becomes helpful in restricting the amount of screen light that least affects your eye visibility. Consequently, you can enjoy your movie night with your distant friends and brats by using the Crunchyroll dark mode. Hence, you get the answer if you still think, does Crunchyroll have a dark mode or not? 

Furthermore, in order to accelerate the dark mode Crunchyroll, you need to install its extension on your smart device. And to do this, you can follow the below-provided information to bring more clarity regarding its features and installation process. As a result, you will be able to enjoy streaming anime, Dorama, and Manga in dark mode to uplift your cinematic experience.   


Features of Crunchyroll Dark Mode- 

Getting to know the features of Crunchyroll Dark mode is quite fair before you install the extension on your device. Doing so lets you know whether streaming in dark mode matches your vibe and taste. Hence, follow the downward steps to learn about Crunchyroll's best features that give wings to your streaming and custom viewership.     

1. Easier on the Eyes

As its name “Dark Mode” represents itself, installing this dark mode Crunchyroll extension will least affect your eyes. Moreover, your eyes will be protected from harmful and head-choking screen rays. Consequently, you will get an improved and unbothered eyesight version.

2. Reduction of Device Power Usage

On the technical front, streaming via Crunchyroll dark mode extension will not drain your device's power. In other words, using the dark mode reduces your device's power consumption. Plus, it doesn’t let your device power drain quickly, so you can stream in a dark mode beyond hours. 

3. Amplifying your Movie Night 

Last but not least, using the dark mode amplifies your streaming quality, which results in intensifying your movie night. Plus, the fun fact is that streaming via dark gives you the essence of an electric vibe, as it promotes streaming in dark mode, which is usually cherished by people worldwide. 

Understanding Crunchyroll Dark Mode Extension-

First and foremost, installing dark mode Crunchyroll Dark doesn’t cost you anything, as it is a free extension. Remember, Crunchyroll's official site doesn’t have any of its own, so installing the extension is required. Moreover, you can install the extension via Windows, Chromebooks, Laptops, macOS, and PCs. When it comes to browsers, you can install them by using Firefox, Google Chrome, Brave, Safari, Opera Mini, Microsoft Edge, etc. And in order to install the extension appropriately, follow the below steps: 

Extension Installation 

First, visit the Google Chrome web store to install the Crunchyroll dark mode extension. And then, search for the extension, and you can click here to download the extension for free. Last, end it by clicking the blue “ADD TO CHROME” button. 

Pining the extension

Once you install the extension, pin the extension icon to your browser’s toolbar. In case you are enabled to find it there, click on the puzzle icon, which you can find in the top-right corner of your browser. And after finding it, you can pin the Crunchyroll Dark Mode extension. 

Visit the Crunchyroll Website 
In the third step, you need to visit the official Crunchyroll website to log into your account.

Turn On the Dark Mode

After logging into your account, you need to turn “On” in dark mode. And to make it happen, click on the pinned one extension icon and click on “OPTIONS” from the context menu. As a result, you will see a new page with a night mode option. And there, you need to click on that option. Further, click on the first checkbox next to the night mode tab to finish it. And that’s how you can turn “On” the dark mode of your Crunchyroll. Doing so will convert the bright background of your screen into a darker one. Adding on, with the help of a VPN and by following the above information, you can enjoy streaming via Crunchyroll Dark Mode extension beyond location barriers.
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