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How To Have A Crunchyroll Watch Party

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It is hard to resist not watching Anime videos after being an Anime lover or a big fan of watching anime videos. That’s why here you have the “Crunchyroll watch party extension” that accelerates endless streaming entertainment. At the same time, installing the watch party extension only on devices like desktops/laptops via an appropriate web browser is required. If you face any glitches or issues while extension installation and streaming due to your location? Then, you can resolve it by switching to the VPN services while streaming to change your location. Things don't end here, as you can even host your own Crunchyroll watch party by generating its extension. 

Moreover, by sharing the watch party-generated link, you can stream together with your friends and family members, even if they are far away from you. Apart from this, it has more than thousands of anime shows and movies in HD quality with seamless syncing. The best part is, installing the Crunchyroll watch party extension provides you with a high loading speed. Adding on, using its features while streaming anime videos can amaze your streaming experience even more. Hence, follow the below points regarding the features and installation process of the watch party Crunchyroll.  

What are the Features of Crunchyroll Party?

Do you want to gather some more manual information on Crunchyroll Party features? Here are a few of them that you can use while streaming anime videos at your Crunchyroll party. And these are: 


1.Profile Customization 

The profile personalization or customization feature allows you to modify and make changes to your Crunchyroll party profile. When it comes to implementation, you can add a cool nickname and user icons from a wide range of avatars. Remember, all the applied changes will appear in your profile while chatting.   

2.Control over Watch Party 

The control over the watch party feature enables you to take control of the Crunchyroll watch party. And to make it happen, enable the "ONLY I HAVE CONTROL" button. In case you want to lose the controllability, disable the same "ONLY I HAVE CONTROL'' button. Doing so will let you reset the settings, for instance, Play, Pause, Forward, Rewind, and other settings. 

3.Worldwide Accessibility 

The worldwide or global accessibility feature allows you to stream via the Crunchyroll party extension from anywhere worldwide. And also it lets you install the Crunchyroll watch party extension from any corner of the world. 

How to have a Crunchyroll Watch Party?

How to have a Crunchyroll Dark Mode by installing its extension on your smart device? Then, following the manual steps given below is essential to bring more clarity. And these are:

1.Install the Extension

Firstly, install the freely accessible Crunchyroll watch party extension on your smart device by clicking here. Ensure either to use a Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome web browser. Remember to use devices including macOS, Windows, Chromebooks, and PCs/laptops.

2.Pin the Extension

Now, pin the Crunchyroll watch party extension to the toolbar. In case the Crunchyroll Party extension icon doesn’t appear, click on the puzzle icon. Afterward, find the puzzle icon by jumping to the right corner of the taskbar. And then pin the watch party extension over there.   

3.Sign in to your Account 

Sign in to your Crunchyroll account; if you don’t have one, create one. Ensure every person you invite to the watch party has a subscription and login account. 

4.Stream your Favorites

To stream your favorite anime videos, select the anime video that you want to watch with your friends at the watch party.   

5.Create the Crunchyroll Watch Party

Visit the toolbar and then click on the Crunchyroll Party extension icon to create the “Crunchyroll Watch Party.” Further, you will see a "CREATE A WATCH PARTY" window having a "START A PARTY" button. Here, you need to click the "START A PARTY" button to generate the watch party invitation URL. 

6.Share the Watch Party Link

To give a kick-start to your Crunchyroll Watch Party, you need to share the generated Watch Party link with your friends. So, you can endlessly enjoy streaming your favorite anime videos with your friends and close ones.     

7.Join the Crunchyroll Party

The final step ends the whole process by joining the Crunchyroll Watch party. Therefore, click on the watch party link, which you will receive from your friend or the party's host. Consequently, it will automatically redirect you to the watch party. So you can enjoy streaming all your favorite anime videos hassle-free.

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